My petals are still wet and red

With the blood of my dear one.

Oh God ! What’ve I done ?

I hurt my heart’s heart.

What am I ?

A product  of Aphrodite’s insane !

Or the result of Flora’s pain ,

Strucked by Cupid’s arrow.

Don’t embrace me ,

Don’t touch me ,

Eventhough , it’s for a wee ,

It’s gonna hurt you, wound you….

I’m a brute , donning mask of nobility

They call me ,” Queen of Flowers “,

” Love of  Lovers ,….”

But, I’m just a humbug , a dead trap.

My spines are fangs ,

Leave me alone , for God’s sake.

I’m only gonna gave you ache ,

Because , I’m a rose — sign of love -in-vain.

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